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Tours, Registration, and Policies

We wouldn’t want you to feel like you need to trust us without seeing our facilities. Take the tour of our day care centre, and you’re sure to like what you find. You will also find our registration package and our policy handbook on this page. The care of your child is critical to you. Place their well-being in our hands and we won’t disappoint you. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Highly Recommend

We had both our children attend Mr. Cakes day care right up to the after school care program at which time we naturally phased into them staying home alone. My son who is now in grade 8 and my daughter who is in grade 6 STILL ask to visit the day care (which we continue to do) because of the fond memories they have. The BEST home cooked meals in the county as far as day cares go. I would highly recommend this day care to anyone.


Le-Ann E.

Stay Informed

There is a lot of information a parent needs. We have collected it in one convenient place.

Children of Many Ages

We offer different programs for children of different ages. See which one fits your child.

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