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Before & After School Care

Our out-of-school care room knows children at this age need their independence, freedom, and creativity supported. Children are young adults who need to feel valued and gain responsibilities as they play, move, and explore. Children are free to explore centres in the room and participate in structured activities or simply read a book or work on school homework. In addition to before and after school care, we offer a fun-filled, busy summer program for school-aged children that gets the children out into the community learning and exploring something new every day.


Fees per Month:

Out of School Care Full-Time $400 (morning and afternoon care including P.D. Days)

This pricing includes a nutritious afternoon snack when children return from school, as well as P.D. days coverage. When children are out for school breaks or P.D. days, they are fed two snacks and a hot lunch at no extra charge.

Mr. Cake's Out of School Care does not provide private bussing but our big parking lot allows the school bus to come directly on-site, allowing children to wait inside and not have to walk off-site. Children are always supervised by a staff member to ensure they get on and off of the bus safely.

Summer Out of School Care $225/week or $85/day

Fall Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break $225/week

Supporting Language and Literacy

In order to expand and support children’s language development, we offer a variety of activities such as a reading centre full of cozy pillows and seats, setting up real-world centres such as veterinary clinics or hair salons, electronic days, homework help and support, cooking classes, and science experiments to ensure they remain lifelong learners eager to take on the world as future leaders.

Moving our Bodies

Off-site and on-site field trips are planned for P.D days. A large outdoor play space, many parks and playgrounds within walking distance, cooperative games, gym equipment, and organized sports - all allow your child to proudly participate and hone their physical skills while ensuring they continue to develop physical literacy to be lifelong activity seekers. 

Sensory Experiences

In order to continue building those important nerve connections in the brain, the children have a wide variety of sensory play activities to choose from. Our educators will plan for sensory tables filled with a variety of different and rotating materials, painting to music, gardening outside, and science experiments just to name a few. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, and social interaction among older children.

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