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Ages 10 to 19 Months

Our infant room provides an environment where curious, observant, energetic, and sensory learners can explore freely and receive plenty of love and affection. The richest moments for early literacy and language development begin in the first year of life and are supported by everyday social communication. Our educators know strong social interactions allow infants to learn about the world around them and make meaningful connections through everyday play experiences.


Fees per Month: 

Full-Time Infants (100+ Hours) $1,125 less $883 Affordability Grant = $242

Part-Time Infants (50-99 Hours) $920 less $317.50 Affordability Grant = $602.50 (10-12 days/month which can change from week to week)

Daily Rate $95/day (Days can change from week to week)


All of our infant fee structures include breakfast, two well-balanced snacks during the day, a hot lunch cooked on-site by our cook and a late afternoon snack before pick-up. 

Early Language and Literacy

Daily story time, teaching basic sign language words, singing favourite nursery rhymes, monthly on-site library visits, and encouraging simple words with repetition are just some of the ways Mr. Cake's supports early language development in infants.

Moving our Bodies

With monthly yoga, dance and music classes held on-site, a separate outdoor play space, two indoor play structures, and indoor riding and push cars, you can rest assured that your infant is able to safely move, climb, and explore their bodies through a variety of mediums.

Sensory Experiences

Babies take in everything around them through their 5 senses. Your infant will experience finger and foot painting, water tables, sensory bottles, a variety of soft and plush surfaces around the room, outside walks, tactile board books, and a variety of sound toys and objects. All of which help build important nerve connections in your child’s brain.

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