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Ages 19 Months to Less than 3 Years

Our toddler room enables your busy and action craving toddler to be adventurous, exploratory, independent and engage the world with their whole body through sensory and imaginative play. Our loving educators offer endless positive encouragement and reassurance so the toddlers in our care know they have the freedom and support to explore and tackle new, exciting things. Toddlers are explorers with exponential growth. By providing both structured and unstructured play-based learning, our educators are supporting a child's critical early years and supporting the foundations of future, more complex brain development.


Fees per Month:

Full-Time Toddlers (100+ Hours) $1000 less $709 Affordability Grant = $291

Daily Rate $85/day (Days can change from week to week)


All three toddler fee structures include two well-balanced snacks during the day and a hot lunch cooked on-site by our cook.

Continuing Language and Literacy

Daily storytime, singing favourite nursery rhymes, morning calendar circle time, monthly on-site library visits, additional basic sign language words introduced, encouraging word or sentence repetition and introduction to shapes, colours and numbers are all a part of the daily experiences our toddlers have in order to foster communication skills.

Moving our Bodies

With monthly yoga, dance, and music classes held on-site, a separate outdoor play space, indoor play structures, ball pits, tunnels, and parachutes are just some of the ways your toddler can safely explore their bodies and ensure they are learning a wide variety of fine and gross motor skills.

Sensory Experiences

Toddlers learn through touch. We offer sensory tables filled with a variety of different and rotating materials such as water, kinetic sand, dirt, ice blocks, shaving cream and many other tactile items toddlers love to get messy with! Having the toddlers in our care paint with different objects like feathers or potato mashers, play with sensory bags or simply creating with Play-Doh and slime all help toddlers create meaningful experiences essential to their development.

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