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Important Forms and Information About Us

As a parent, you will want to know everything about our day care centre. It’s only natural! We offer lots of information on this page, from our policies to our monthly newsletter. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask.

Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the policies in our Parents' Handbook.

Our accredited and fully-licensed centre accepts Government Subsidies!

Please note the holidays on which our daycare is closed. You can also download Our Closure Dates to hang on your fridge.


Check Out Our Sample Menu

You can reassure yourself that your children will get nutritious meals while with us. Read our menu to learn more!


Health and Safety Policy

The health and well-being of the children in our care is our top priority. You can read our in-depth health and safety policy included in our registration packet or find an outlined version of Mr. Cake’s Standards here.


Our daycare and OSC programs plan for activities and experiences that the children are interested in and that help promote independence, confidence, self-expression, and new skills development. In addition to weekly planning, we have monthly activity calendars that help support children's learning and get them excited to see what's happening that day! Check out our current Activity Calendar and Newsletter.


Take the Tour

See what your child will be experiencing by coming in for a tour or checking out our gallery page.

Children of Many Ages

We offer different programs for children of different ages. See which one fits your child.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Tamara, Program Manager

Tamara holds a Child Development Supervisor certificate granted to her by the Alberta Government. She began her career with Mr. Cake’s Daycare as the program director in 2013. Over the years, Tamara has flourished and has advanced into the Program Manager position.

Tamara took her Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta with a minor in Educational Psychology. Mr. Cake’s Daycare was her first full-time job after completing her degree. She has said that it has been a wonderful experience growing with the company and implementing the training and educational courses. She believes that working with children is invaluable because they keep you young at heart and every day is different and exciting with them.

As a Program Manager, Tamara hopes to create a welcoming learning environment that gives children the opportunities to explore, discover, create and imagine, express themselves, and learn through play. She believes it is important to develop a personal relationship with the families that the daycare serves. Over the years, Tamara has loved getting to know the families as their children have grown with us and truly appreciates the input and support the families show towards the centre.

One of Tamara’s favourite passions outside of work is to travel and cross as many destinations off her list as possible. Her most memorable destinations have been Thailand, China, Cuba, Hawaii, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Morocco and the Azores. On her evenings and weekends, she keeps busy playing on various sports teams, practicing yoga, and playing fetch with her cat, Nora.


Alysha, Program Director

In early 2019, Alysha began working with Mr. Cake’s Daycare as an Out of School Care Educator. Alysha obtained a Child and Youth Care diploma from Grant MacEwan University, which qualified her for a Child Development Supervisor certificate. Over the years, Alysha has advanced into the Program Director position in January of 2022.

Alysha enjoys working with children because it provides an opportunity to learn from each other. She would like to be a positive influence and role model for the children. Alysha hopes that in her role as program director, she can facilitate a great environment for both families and children; Alysha is excited to get to know all our daycare families!

Her background has involved working with the Boys and Girls club as a success coach in a junior high and group care. Previous to working with Mr. Cake’s, Alysha worked in group care, supporting at-risk youth for three years.

Alysha believes that when working with children, you must learn about their individual stories and meet them where they are to support their growth and unique goals.

Alysha has been to California and Mexico and would love to travel to Spain, Ireland, and Seychelles. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. In her spare time, Alysha enjoys movies, documentaries or good series, gardening, sitting by the fire in the summer or spending time with her doodle Winnie.


Donna, Child Care Educator

Donna has worked with Mr. Cake’s Daycare since 2015. She started as the Out of School Care educator and is now working in the kindergarten room known as the Smarties. She holds a Child Development Supervisor certificate, known formally as a Level Three certificate.

Donna grew up in a sunny, tropical and humid country, the Philippines. She went to the University of Cagayan de Oto and received a Bachelor’s of Secondary Education. She spent the next four years teaching high school students in the Philippines.

Teaching was not Donna’s dream job at the time, but was surrounded by family members who were in the field and decided to take the same path. Once she began her journey, she found she had wonderful experiences helping children grow, explore and learn.

Donna has been with the centre for years and loves what she is doing and enjoys working with children. She loves watching the children progress and feels honoured to be a part of their growth.

In her spare time, Donna enjoys singing, dancing and shopping. She enjoys seafood and vegetables as they make her feel healthy, beautiful and fresh.


Margie, Child Care Educator

She grew up in the Northern Province of the Philippines. She came to Canada in 2010 and worked with a family as a live-in caregiver. After two years, she applied for an open work permit to allow her to expand her opportunities. She then became a companion in the Devonshire Nursing Home where she stayed for three years. In 2018, Margie received the certificate of a Child Development Assistant and she began her career with Mr. Cake’s Daycare in the Yakety Yak room with our older toddlers.

Margie enjoys taking care of children and has the opportunity to watch children becoming independent. She feels very proud to be a part of Mr. Cake’s as we strive to create a home-like environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Margie’s goal is to ensure the safety of each child and that they receive the best possible care. She aims to give the love and care that all children deserve.


Roselyn, Child Care Educator

Roselyn graduated with a Bachelor of Secondary Education from Pangasinan State University in the Philippines. She worked in a school library for a few years after graduating. In 2009, she came to Canada and worked as a Training Manager in a Booster Juice before returning to work with children. Roselyn began her career with Mr. Cake’s Daycare in 2014. She holds a Child Development Supervisor Certificate, also known as a level three.


Roselyn began her journey with Mr. Cake’s in the Smarties room as the room supervisor. When returning from maternity leave in 2019, she became the room supervisor in the Mini Pops. Roselyn believes that working with children is such a rewarding job. She loves how she can touch their lives, give love and provide the best care, which all kids deserve, and that makes her life more colourful and meaningful.


Roselyn has three school-aged children; a daughter and twin boys. In her spare time, she enjoys planting, gardening, jewelry making, and doing different types of crafts.


Debbie, Child Care Educator

Debbie started working for Mr. Cake’s Daycare early in 2020, and she has been such a wonderful addition to our daycare family! Debbie is such a joy to have around and her years of childcare experience and her educational background really make her a one of a kind educator!

Debbie received her Child Development Assistant certificate through Grant MacEwan and has four grown children of her own. Debbie has worked with children since she was a teenager and through babysitting, her love for children grew. Debbie loved being around children so much that she opened up her own day home and ran it for 13 years.

Debbie’s childcare philosophy is that children are all unique, and each child has their own way of connecting to you and the world around them. Debbie is always smiling and laughing, and she loves to get the babies moving and exploring through dance or pulling them around the neighborhood in a wagon. Debbie loves working with the infants because their curiosity is as endless as their hugs and cuddles. She loves to see the babies change and grow right before her eyes and being a part of their crucial early years is so rewarding.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her three grandsons and granddaughter, watching the Oilers play, and she keeps active playing with her four dogs and four cats. It is her dream to travel to South America with her loving husband.


Candra, Child Care Educator

Candra joined our daycare family in the summer of 2021 and has been a great addition to the Little Rascal’s Room! Candra enjoys getting to know each child as a unique individual and finding out what makes them happy. By using this knowledge, she aids the children in helping them grow, maximizes their strengths, and builds their confidence. Candra finds it rewarding to be an integral part of their development.

Candra studied at Northern Virginia Community College, where she studied nursing for two years, and along the way decided to change career paths and switch to child development. Candra has her Child Development Worker Certificate, also known as a Level 2. Candra is currently taking the Early Childhood Program online to receive her Level 3 Certification.

Candra’s philosophy is that children are special, unique, full of curiosity and should have a stimulating educational environment to grow and meet their developmental needs. Candra believes in providing a safe environment where children are invited to share ideas and take safe risks. 

Candra’s goal for the future is to further her education and become a director one day. She would also love to open her own Child Care facility one day! Candra likes to dance and sing. On Sunday she serves as a Sunday school teacher and has two wonderful children. In her spare time, you can find her relaxing and listening to music or watching Netflix and spending time with her husband and children.


Krystal, Child Care Educator

Krystal joined the daycare family in the fall of 2021 in the Little Rascals room. Krystal graduated from MacEwan University with her Bachelor’s in Child and Youth Care, providing her with her Child Development Supervisor Certificate, also known as a Level 3. Her background has allowed her to work in a variety of environments with diverse age groups; this includes the YMCA, group homes, the ELM program at MacEwan and the GRIT program. 

Krystal believes in providing a safe environment in which children’s basic needs can be met and providing a positive learning environment that is both age and developmentally appropriate. Krystal enjoys working with children as it can be both fun and rewarding. She is honoured to be a part of their life journey and help them build a strong foundation. She enjoys helping them grow, learn, develop skills, build connections, and make relationships. Krystal also admires the resiliency that children have. 

Some of Krystal’s interests are reading, doing puzzles and scrapbooking. She is also learning how to play the Ukulele. She also loves the warm weather and anything tropical! Krystal enjoys celebrating holidays with family and friends. Krystal has travelled within Canada, the Dominican Republic and Ireland; she would love to travel to Hawaii and New Zealand.

Maribeth, Child Care Educator

Maribeth, Child Care Educator

Maribeth joined our daycare family in early 2021 and has been a great addition to our daycare family and Mini Pop’s room.

Maribeth was born and raised in the Southern Philippines and completed her Bachelor of Arts at Mindanao State University. After her graduation, Maribeth then began a career of travelling to different countries to work as a live-in caregiver and nanny for various families. She worked in this field for several years, and her career took her to Kuwait, Taiwan, Dubai and then finally to Canada.

Maribeth loves being a positive role model and educator to the children. She loves that every day is a different experience, and she knows she has a great responsibility each day, but that it is all worth it. She believes that working with children is invaluable as you shape many lives of young children and equip them with the necessary skills they need in life.

Maribeth also believes in being a lifelong learner and is currently working towards her Level 2 Certification in Early Childhood Education. She wishes to expand her learning and apply emerging childcare research and best practices to the children here at Mr. Cake’s.

Maribeth holds her Level 3 Certification in Early Childhood Education. She is active at her church as a lead singer and helps with children’s ministry. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, gardening and cooking.


Makena, Child Care Educator

Makena started with Mr. Cake’s in the fall of 2021; she holds her Child Care Assistant Certificate. She works with us part-time as support to various rooms while balancing university. Makena enjoys working with children because she loves watching them grow every day. She loves their enthusiasm and is happy to be a part of their experiences; children are always willing to learn and use their imaginations. 

Makena is in her third year of studying psychology with a minor in education which she is taking at Concordia University. She is hoping to get a master’s in speech pathology, which is her dream career and goal. Makena wants a profession where she can watch children learn and develop through having fun! She loves helping children to reach success and achieve their goals. She believes in providing a positive relationship to children through positive student-teacher relationships. Makena also believes that children learn best through experience and engagement with one another. Her goal is to form relationships with kids to benefit their learning and provide what works best for them. 

Makena used to be a dancer and danced for 11 years. She has two dogs named Navie and Banks. She loves to travel and has been as far as Bali and Australia. Makena’s travel dreams are to go to Europe. She enjoys staying active and spending time with friends in her spare time.


Rya, Child Care Educator

Rya started with Mr. Cake’s in the spring of 2022. She currently holds her Level 1 Certificate and would like to further her studies and receive her Level 2 and 3 Certifications.

Rya loves to work with kids, watching them learn and grow every day. Their passion and enthusiasm brighten her day. She enjoys learning from them and growing alongside them. Rya would love to provide opportunities for children to learn, create, explore and imagine.

Rya spends most of her spare time at the lake with family and friends during the summer. She also enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog named Casper. Rya is excited for her future to one day have a family and children of her own, and to build her life. She also enjoys shopping and eating out at different restaurants.


Stephanie, Child Care Educator

Stephanie started with Mr. Cake’s in the spring of 2022 in our Munchkin’s room. She currently holds her Level 1 Certificate.

Stephanie has always loved children and knew that she wanted to work with small children, just as her mother and grandmother both did. She believes each child is unique and should be treated as such.

Stephanie has lived in Sherwood Park her whole life and spent a year living in Germany. She also learned to speak German while she lived there and is also fluent in French. She use to be a nanny for families and has past experience in daycare as well. She enjoys spending time with her cat named Abra. In her spare time, Stephanie also enjoys reading, playing video games, knitting and crocheting.


Diana, Child Care Educator

Diana joined Mr. Cake’s family in July of 2022, working in Little Rascal’s room. She attained her Early Learning and Child Care Diploma at MacEwan University and holds her level 3 certificate. 

Originally, Diana dreamed of being an engineer, which changed when she started high school. She found interest in being around children, learning, exploring, discovering beside them, and watching them grow. 

Diana has four other siblings and two- and four-year-old nieces. She enjoys spending time with her nieces, doing their hair and being a positive role model and influence in their lives. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, going for walks, or relaxing at home. Diana has also found a new hobby in hiking and camping.


We are excited for Diana as she embarks on the new journey of becoming a mom and wish her all the best while she is on maternity leave until January 2024.


Rubylyn, Cook

Rubylyn is our wonderful in-house cook. She prepares nutritious and flavourful meals and snacks three times a day for the children in the care of our centre.

In 2002, while living in the Philippines, Rubylyn graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, majoring in Management. After schooling, Rubylyn got married and had two children named Charles and Carl. She stayed home as a full-time mom for five years and then decided to work in a financial company as an administrative manager. In 2014, she immigrated to Canada with her family to give her children a better future. It was a big adjustment moving to a new country, adapting to change and new fields of work.

Rubylyn has worked in the childcare field for over 6 years. She believes each child is an individual, and as an educator, you must value and develop their strengths, interests, skills, and abilities to extend their learning.


Emma, Child Care Educator

Emma started with Mr. Cake’s in January of 2023, in the Little Rascal’s room. She holds her Level 1 certificate and is working towards her level 3. Emma has been working in childcare for 6 years, and for the last 2 years has been a full-time educator.

Emma’s goal is to become an educator’s assistant and work in the classrooms helping children succeed in their education. Emma believes that every child is unique and deserves to have safe places where they can be themselves, feel loved and learn through playing and new experiences. She has always dreamed to work with children; she loves both teaching and learning from them and views every day as a new adventure.

In Emma’s spare time, she is either cuddled up with her cat Spooks, gardening, painting, and trying new projects.

Paige, Child Care Educator.png

Paige, Child Care Educator

Paige started with Mr. Cake’s in March of 2023 working in the Little Rascal’s room. Paige has always had a passion for children. She began working with children at the age of twelve by babysitting and nannying. Paige recently worked at a preschool as an assistant teacher and continues to coach children’s sports on the weekends.

She enjoys engaging and being a part of the children’s lives; she finds this work extremely rewarding. She wants to be able to provide a safe, kind, and fun environment. In the future, Paige would like to be a child psychologist to help and impact children in a positive light.

Paige graduated from Bev Facey High School in 2020. In her spare time, she enjoys being active and spending time with family and friends. 

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