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Meet Our Team

Tamara, Program Manager

Tamara holds a Child Development Supervisor certificate granted to her by the Alberta Government. She began her career with Mr. Cake’s Daycare as the program director in 2013. Over the years, Tamara has flourished and has advanced into the Program Manager position.

Tamara took her Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta with a minor in Educational Psychology. Mr. Cake’s Daycare was her first full-time job after completing her degree. She has said that it has been a wonderful experience growing with the company and implementing the training and educational courses. She believes that working with children is invaluable because they keep you young at heart and every day is different and exciting with them.

As a Program Manager, Tamara hopes to create a welcoming learning environment that gives children the opportunities to explore, discover, create and imagine, express themselves, and learn through play. She believes it is important to develop a personal relationship with the families that the daycare serves. Over the years, Tamara has loved getting to know the families as their children have grown with us and truly appreciates the input and support the families show towards the centre.

One of Tamara’s favourite passions outside of work is to travel and cross as many destinations off her list as possible. Her most memorable destinations have been Thailand, China, Cuba, Hawaii, Malaysia, and Costa Rica. On her evenings and weekends, she keeps busy playing on various sports teams, practicing yoga, and playing fetch with her cat, Nora.

Marlo, Program Director

Marlo holds a Child Development Supervisor Certificate, which was granted to her after obtaining a Diploma in Early Learning and Child Care from Grant MacEwan University. Shortly after graduating in 2014, Marlo began working at Mr. Cake’s Daycare. While working at Mr. Cake’s in the little rascal room, Marlo decided to continue her education and successfully obtained her Bachelors of Child and Youth Care. After completing her degree, she ventured out to gain experience as a Home Visitation Practitioner supporting at-risk families. After a year, Marlo returned to Mr. Cake’s Daycare as the Program Director in 2018. She also works as a youth worker in a long-term trauma-informed treatment centre focused on supporting children who have been sexually abused.

Marlo believes while children play they have an opportunity to explore their questions and ideas while learning in its purest form. An educator’s duty is to support children in exploring their environment to make new discoveries. Due to the relationships that educators develop with children, they have an opportunity to support children in dealing with their big emotions. Educators can create a safe space for children to freely express themselves. Through support, care and guidance, children can begin to learn healthy ways of regulating their emotions.

Having an opportunity to support families and their children has brought Marlo great joy. Families entrust their children to the educators of Mr. Cake’s Daycare while they are hard at work. It is Marlo’s hope that the centre can provide a fun, engaging and fulfilling experience for the children that are in our care.

Carol, Child Care Educator

Carol began her journey with Mr. Cake’s Daycare in 2006. She began working in the Munchkin room and has progressed to the Mini Pop room where she supports the preschool children as they prepare for kindergarten. She holds a Child Development Assistant certificate, formally known as a Level One certificate.

Carol has worked in many different fields during her years such as at Nicholas Chevrolet and Totally Tropical. She enjoyed these jobs but has found working with children a rewarding experience. Carol sees children as bursts of sunshine, which she finds to be a joy to work with. Carol has found that helping children grow and learn has been very fulfilling.

Carol has four children of her own and is a proud grandmother of two grandsons. Her goal is to continue to work with children to support them as they grow and learn.

Donna, Child Care Educator

Donna has worked with Mr. Cake’s Daycare since 2015. She started as the Out of School Care educator and is now working in the kindergarten room known as the Smarties. She holds a Child Development Supervisor certificate, known formally as a Level Three certificate.

Donna grew up in a sunny, tropical and humid country, the Philippines. She went to the University of Cagayan de Oto and received a Bachelor’s of Secondary Education. She spent the next four years teaching high school students in the Philippines.

Teaching was not Donna’s dream job at the time, but was surrounded by family members who were in the field and decided to take the same path. Once she began her journey, she found she had wonderful experiences helping children grow, explore and learn.

Donna has been with the centre for years and loves what she is doing and enjoys working with children. She loves watching the children progress and feels honoured to be a part of their growth.

In her spare time, Donna enjoys singing, dancing and shopping. She enjoys seafood and vegetables as they make her feel healthy, beautiful and fresh.

Wanda, Child Care Educator

Wanda has been with Mr. Cake’s Daycare since 2015 and works in the Little Rascal room with the toddlers. Wanda holds a Child Development Assistant certificate.

Wanda is a Certified Health Care Aide and worked in long-term care for 12 years. She has also worked with the Public School system as an educational assistant, supporting children with specials needs and behaviours. Wanda is a spiritual person and has attained a Reiki Master Teacher certificate as well as a MA in Spiritual Counselling.

Wanda has thoroughly enjoyed working with children and has appreciated the opportunity to watch them take their first steps, learn how to speak and express their personalities. She feels this has been an amazing and satisfying career.

In her spare time, she enjoys doing crafts, visiting family and getting together with friends.

Kiko, Child Care Educator

Kiko worked with Mr. Cake’s Daycare from 2014 to 2016 then ventured out once she completed her Health Care Aid certificate. In 2017, she returned to Mr. Cake’s and works with the preschool children in the mini pop room. She is currently working on furthering her education in Nursing. Kiko holds a Child Development Assistant certificate.

Kiko has experience working with children with disabilities. She feels passionate about supporting children with their unique needs. Working with children has provided Kiko an opportunity to give back to society by supporting children to learn and develop.

Kiko spends her spare time in school, at home with her three rescue cats and training, as a competitive Muay Thia fighter.

Jeanette, Child Care Educator

Jeanette works with our older toddlers in the Yakety Yak room, where she started in 2016. Jeanette obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education in the Philippines. This has qualified her for the certificate of a Child Development Supervisor.

Once Jeanette completed her degree, she went to work in Hong Kong. She then decided to come to Canada and work as a caregiver. She started working with an older couple then began to work with children as a nanny. Jeanette believes that when guiding children you must use a variety of techniques to best support their needs.

Jeanette has two of her own children, ages nine and two. She strives to be a good mom and hopes her children grow up to be kind people. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and husband.

Margie, Child Care Educator

She grew up in the Northern Province of the Philippines. She came to Canada in 2010 and worked with a family as a live-in caregiver. After two years, she applied for an open work permit to allow her to expand her opportunities. She then became a companion in the Devonshire Nursing Home where she stayed for three years. In 2018, Margie received the certificate of a Child Development Assistant and she began her career with Mr. Cake’s Daycare in the Yakety Yak room with our older toddlers.

Margie enjoys taking care of children and has the opportunity to watch children becoming independent. She feels very proud to be a part of Mr. Cake’s as we strive to create a home-like environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Margie’s goal is to ensure the safety of each child and that they receive the best possible care. She aims to give the love and care that all children deserve.

Chelsea, Child Care Educator

Chelsea began working with Mr. Cake’s Daycare in 2018 by supporting the babies in the Munchkins room. Chelsea holds a Child Development Assistant certificate.
She feels that working with children is a fun and rewarding experience. She loves having the opportunity to teach and to provide engaging activities for them to explore.

Chelsea believes it is important to provide a safe and caring environment where children can learn and play. It is also important for her to help children develop strong self-esteem so that they can become confident learners.

In 2018, Chelsea graduated High School and she hopes to further her education by getting a Licensed Practical Nurse diploma. In her spare time, she enjoys spending times outdoors and travelling.

Olivia, Child Care Educator

In 2018, Olivia began working with Mr. Cake’s Daycare in the Munchkin room. She holds a Child Development Assistant certificate.

Olivia enjoys having the opportunity to provide the babies with engaging experiences to support their growth and development. She appreciates how she has the chance to watch the children grow into kind and loving people. When working with the children, Olivia strives to support them in developing age-appropriate problem-solving skills, which she hopes will support their future experiences.

It is Olivia’s goal to return to school for an education degree to become a teacher and then work towards becoming a child psychologist. She would like to work with children dealing with traumas and support them in their healing journey.

Olivia lives on a farm with her two dogs and enjoys spending her time outdoors.

Alysha, Child Care Educator

In early 2019, Alysha began working with Mr. Cake’s Daycare as an Out of School Care Educator. Alysha obtained a Child and Youth Care diploma from Grant McEwan University, which qualified her for a Child Development Supervisor certificate.

Alysha enjoys working with children because it provides an opportunity to learn from each other. She would like to be a positive influence and role model for the children.

Her background has involved working with the Boys and Girls club as a success coach in a junior high as well as in group care. Previous to working with Mr. Cake’s, Alysha worked in group care supporting at-risk youth for three years.

Alysha believes when working with children you must learn about their individual stories and meet them where they are at, in order to support their growth and meet their unique goals.

Jennifer, Child Care Educator

Jennifer has 12 years of previous experience working in childcare and came to Mr. Cake’s Daycare in early 2019. She holds a Child Development Assistant certificate and works in our baby room known as the Munchkins.

Jennifer believes children are an important part of every day and they are a joy to work with children because they are able to brighten your day. She also enjoys having the opportunity to play and cuddle with them.

Jennifer has a long-term goal of opening her own daycare centre or a doggy daycare. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping and relaxing and being outdoors such as going camping, going for walks and boating.

Judy, Child Care Educator

Judy has worked at Mr. Cake’s Daycare since 1981, she began as a child care educator and worked her way up to the manager position. She is now getting back to her roots and is working part time supporting the staff and children in the rooms as an educator. She holds a Child Development Assistant certificate.

Rose, Child Care Educator

Rose has worked with Mr. Cake’s Daycare since 1993. She works in the centre by supporting the rooms and staff in the mornings and mid-day. She holds a Child Development Assistant certificate.

Carla, Chef

Mr. Cake’s Daycare has a wonderful in-house chef, Carla, who prepares fresh and nutritious meals, three times a day, for the children. Carla has been with Mr. Cake’s Daycare since 2015. She holds a certificate of achievement in Food Sanitation and Hygiene.


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